Remind your belongings! What the words have can tell you: Knowledge. Aesthetic. Harmony. Beauty. Perhaps they remain. Perhaps not. Why not to think about? Obstacles. I guess, you too? Thoughts that manifests in your mind are the important once. Not mine. But it isn’t that easy .. words are words .. I have them as you have. When do words come to truth? Who is involved? Sharing words means to be in contact. Words in a row are tails or nothing. Sharing tails is sharing belongings. Where do you belong to? It brought you here, but not there. You still could. It just takes a few words. What bounds can be given to words? Who is in charge for those bounds? The other words encourage thoughts. Are thoughts limited? Abstraction is a method to reduce complexity. Abstraction brings the details far from there truth and bounds them to limits. Label it meaning. What is behind if it doesn’t feel like it should? Everlasting circles at the pointlessness of words. What is it if not?